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Time is money! Armstrong CFO Services is a key partner in operational effectiveness, financial management, business valuation, succession/exit planning, and interim management services. These services have been designed to aid owners of privately-held companies in achieving their goals of profitability.

Operational Effectiveness: Operational effectiveness refers to the degree in which companies efficiently and effectively manage their resources in order to better implement strategy. It is key to maintaining a competitive advantage on the competition. Areas of focus, include:

  • Market research
  • Mission and vision development
  • Structural organization
  • Revenue predictability
  • Operating margins and overall cost structuring
  • Scalability

Financial Management: Financial management refers to the degree in which companies maximize their monetary resources in such a manner as to successfully accomplish the objective of the company. Information should be timely, accurate, and relevant. Financial management should be aligned with operational effectiveness. Areas of focus, include:

  • The company’s financial health
  • Finance organization capabilities
  • Quality of financial and operational information
  • Financial planning/forecasting
  • Internal controls and processes

Succession/Exit Planning: Our succession/exit planning services can help you ensure the continued growth and profitability of your company should you decide to take a leave of absence or retire. These services will also prepare new team members for a smooth transition into your company. Areas of focus, include:

  • Owner succession
  • Management succession
  • Exit strategies
  • Business valuations
  • Selling your business

Interim Management: Interim management refers to the temporary provision of an individual with management experience into your company. These services are often used by companies during times of major change, strategy implementation, management continuity while recruiting for a full-time individual, or business only requires a part-time executive.